Operation Santa

operation Santa

Adopting families in the greater St. Paul area since 1992.

Who are we?

Operation Santa is coordinated by employees of Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center (RCECC). The program began in 1992 when St. Paul Fire Dispatcher Karen Nelson saw a need in the community. To date, Operation Santa has evolved into a countywide operation, serving all cities in Ramsey County. Operation Santa is not sponsored by Ramsey County; it is funded and synchronized by the employees who work there.


Who do we help?

Every year around the Holidays we “adopt” families in need keeping our emphasis on the kids. These families first have to apply to our committee, meet certain strict guidelines and go through an in-person interview process. This program is designed to help only the families that truly need assistance. By keeping this process in tact we are able to focus our time, money and efforts on the correct people.


What do we do?

During the interview process we ask families what they need, essentials, coats, hats, some toys the children just have to have. We post all of this information making it available to RCECC employees as well as city and county Police and Fire. Then, at the end of December we deliver. Fire trucks, police cars, lights, sirens, Santa and his "elves" show up at the family’s door to bring them gifts, candy and Holiday Jingles. It can be a tad overwhelming and quite breath-taking!


What’s not included in our package?

Press. No news crews, video cameras, reporters. No information from our families will ever be shared with anyone other than those taking part in the event. RCECC is not doing this for recognition or to exploit families in need. We come in, sing and open a gift or two and leave. There is an internal photographer that will take pictures to be delivered to the families at a later date – trust us, 99% of parents are so awestruck they forget they have

their camera in hand. Don't worry, we've got you covered!